How much does it cost to build a pool?

Every pool is different, so cost can only be determined on an individual basis. Here are some things to look for that may raise the price: type of pool (in-ground vs. above-ground), pool material (fiberglass, vinyl or concrete), size of the pool, and add-ons like waterfalls and upgraded lighting.


Which type of pool is right for me?

The best pool for you is based on your budget, available square footage, and design preference. We can help you assess those factors and choose the style that most fits your needs.


How much time does it take to maintain a pool?

If done regularly and correctly with the proper equipment, pool maintenance can take as little as 10 minutes per week. This is pending any repairs or replacements.


How do I choose a pool company?

It’s important that you find a pool company that is in your vicinity and easy to work with. It’s also essential that the company demonstrates experience, reliability and good customer service. You can count on Care Free Pools, Inc. for all of these qualities.


What initial expenses are involved in building a pool?

Because every pool is different, it’s important to speak with your builder about all related expenses.


What do I need to do to maintain my pool?

Pool maintenance requires general tasks like water testing and adding chemicals. Though these tasks are often quick and easy, it’s important to talk to a professional about the specific needs of your pool type.


Is owning a pool worth the trouble?

While this answer certainly varies among people, most would say owning a pool is well worth it, because a few minutes of maintenance per week gives you the chance to spend the season relaxing poolside.


What should I do before I install a spa?

Before the spa arrives, first decide on its exact location and talk to your installer about what you should do to prepare the spot. Make sure that an appropriate electrical outlet and garden hose are within reach and that the spot is level and sturdy.